Voyage de noces – 02 – Flight and first day in Tokyo

May 3rd, 2008

Finally with a little delay we boarded our flight to discover our lovely environment for 11 hours of flight. We really enjoyed the services on board and the flight was quite pleasant except a few turbulences but without it, it wouldn’t be flying. Mag watched the Untouchables, me National secrets and we both enjoyed Hitman.
After a little rest and a nice landing we were reassured, our fears were not founded, our luggage were there. We exchanged our voucher for JR pass, got some Yens and were off to Tokyo.
A nice little room in a friendly hotel, a good shower and we were ready. The emperor’s palace, the modern art museum, Asakusa and Ueno delighted Mag, so was I. Of course we had ramen in a little shop and bought the typical cookies from Asakusa for desert.
All this in image our my gallery.

Voyage de noces – 01 – Connection(s)

May 1st, 2008

Hi everyone,
Since we were crazy enough to travel in business class we enjoy all the available services (meals, beverages (with moderation), showers, lounges…). I wish we could travel this way all the time !!
We are testing Terminal 5 and we hope our luggage will arrive with us at Tokyo or we’ll have to dress up sumo style :$
That’s all for now.

Engagement holidays… Finally !

December 22nd, 2006

Mag and I finally found time to go on holidays with the financial help of our engagement party’s donations. That why, first of all, we want to thank you all for your generosity.
Now back to the tour.

We found ourselves forced to take last week as holidays since Mag’s hotel was closed for 2 weeks as every year. At first, we had the idea to go to Russia (St Petersbourg and Moscow) but the 15 days required visa couldn’t be done in time. Then we thought that we could join Cecile and her future husband in Guadeloupe, but then again cancelled when she told me that it is actually the rain season. We have been talking about Italy for while and I thought that it was a good opportunity.

Se here we were going out without any real plan, no hotel booked and not speaking the language. We started off in the middle of the afternoon saturday. We had a first stop in Milan, where we had a very good diner at Hana, a korean restaurant. The hotel was terrible and we hardly slept. We visited quickly the Cathedral, the covered markets and saw the castle and off we were to Venice.

We found a lovely little hotel right next to St. Mark’s Square. We would like to recommend to everyone this hotel as it is really clean, close to the main part of Venice and the people are really nice and so are the fees. We fell in love with the city, its ambiance, people, rivers (rios), bridges, cafes and shops (for Mag). Of course we visited the Doge’s Palace, its Bridge Of Sighs and almost every other touristic place. But we walked a lot and it really is the ambiance of the real town that we liked. We went to see the glassmakers of Murano, we enjoyed the local cichettis (small appetizers) among other specialities and it was time to go to Florence.

After having a hard time getting to the center of town which is forbidden to cars, we managed to get to our hotel. The next morning we were off to the Duomo, the Bargello, the Vecchio Palace on the Signiora’s Square and the Vecchio’s Bridge leading to the Pitti Palace. We tested the local specialities (Minestrone, meatballs…) and after a very good and trendy restaurant we decided to go to Rome.

I also recommend our hotel there which is located in a quite residential area near the Vatican City. It is a good place to start your journey accross the capital, espacially since cars are also forbidden in the historic center of town. We started off toward Castel Sant’Angelo, we crossed the River Tiber, walked around Navone’s Square, estonished by the Pantheon we climbed the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II and finally arrived at the Colosseum (Maximus, Maximus…). We tested a cray little restaurant in the Trastevere district on our way back to St. Peter’s Basilica. Our second day was dedicted to the Vatican Museums and its famous Sistine Chapel. After having one last bite of the local dessert, a pie of pizza bread stuffed with cream and nutella, we started our way back home with a pit stop in Pisa. We enjoyed the Field Of Miracles with its city walls, its Cathedral and of course its Leaning Tower.

We really enjoyed the whole trip but we were even more happy to be back. Home sweet home.

Violence @ the residence

July 21st, 2006

Sunday evening Mag & I were going to a BBQ @ Thomas’ when some crazy freak started shouting at us in the garage. I stop the car to understand why this guy was so upset about my driving speed, which didn’t even reach 10km/h, speed at which the doors lock by themselves. As there was no way to talk with him I drove away only to see him throw his baby to his wife and chase us with menaces. I stopped the car to put the key to open the garage door, the guy catches up and starts hitting the car saying he’s gonna break my car and my face. The garage door finally opens so I drive out and stop a few meters further to contemplate the damage to the car. Mag saw the guy running at us again and tried to get in the way to stop him. He didn’t even stop or go around her. Useless to tell you that she was thrown on the ground. The guy then jumps in the car his punch raised. I managed to move him off my face to see how Mag was.
Mag is badly hurt with sworn back and ankle and 3 neck bones tightened. I got burned by my shirt under the arm and some brewses. Not talking about the psychological damage and the lost safety feeling. The car damage repair bill raises up to several hundred euros.
But the best is yet to come. Our dear Mr Belleville, let’s call his name, dared saying that he didn’t touch the car and that Mag fell from the car by herself!!!!
Of course a case has been openned and news with details will spread everywhere.
Pictures and documents will soon be available here

Family Affair

June 22nd, 2006

Guess what …
After I met my cousin Raphael Pinson about a month ago, see his parents for only the second time of my life a few days later, here comes his sister Delphine. And even more fun we’re all having lunch together at Mag’s parents’.
Family really is fun …
Some pictures here

Wedding Crashers

April 13th, 2006

Hi guys, big news !!!
Mag and I will be wedding crashers at our own wedding in summer 2007 !!!!
The date is not known yet (should be around the end of june) and the party place is secret, all the we can tell you is that it will be sunny, funny, trendy and sexy !!!!
Of course like our engagement party it will be over a week-end and more. Of course we’ll do our best to manage cheapest resting places and best activities. Of course you will be informed. And of course, we’ll be more than pleased to be with all of you !!!!
“‘Cause life is short but sweet for certain..” Dave Matthews

Success Story

November 29th, 2005

Today is the celebration of the 1 year and 5 month of the best save of your beloved beachboy.
Yes, today is tuesday just like june 29th 2004, date of the first kiss of who would soon after be nominated as loving and lovely couple of the year : Mag & Jeff. Thanks for them.
Yes, you remember all how hard and intense it was before finally arriving to that.
Yes, you were all very supportive.
Yes, we remember and will never forget.
In fact we re the happiest in the whole universe.

Wanna C ?

November 29th, 2005

For those of you who are curious little maggots a new link has appeared on my blog pointing to my personnal picture gallery. Feel free to visit it as often as you want.
It will soon be migrated to Gallery2 for the better, and it will improve interest. It will be simpler to get the pictures you like and much more…

Blog to be alive

November 9th, 2005

I’m not a big blog fan but let’s be modern.
So here it is … My Blog …
There will be exactly the same stuff as in any blog (news, links, …).
Visiting, posting and commenting is free ;o)