Liver transplant

It has been 6 months since my last update:
– The house is almost finished. Well, at least we can almost move in.
– I have now 24 jumps. Did 2 of those in the desert in Dubai. The local dropzone reopens this week end.

But the most important piece of news of the moment is that Pascal, my brother in law, has had a severe hepatitis B which destroyed 90% of his liver. He has been fighting this sickness for years according to the doctors, but it has been 3 weeks at pic activity. He is so brave and easy in facing this, that despite his yellow skin, we could barely see the internal war that raged in him.
Luckily after 3 weeks of wait, with 3 last days on the emergency list and a bad liver, he was finally transplanted a new one Sunday morning. He has been asleep since and the doctors think about waking him up tomorrow.
We all hope for the best.

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