Voyage de noces – 07 – Hiroshima to Himeji

I really wanted Mag to taste Horshima’s okonomiyaki. It’s the local specialty and she always wanted to eat what they cook in the mangas with the metal tools. So we went to a weird second floor in which there was at least 20 little restaurant one next to the other, all doing okonomiyaki. We didn’t know which to choose until some Australian guy invited us to join. We really enjoyed.
Today we went to Miyajima, the most lovely island in the bay. We took 2 different rope ways to the top of the mountain to have an incredible look around with our monkey friends. The we climbed down and took a last look at the floating torii before taking off to Himeji.
I have to tell you about this little sushi bar we ate at tonight !!! Incredible ! It was so small, no english carte, no picture of food… Luckily I know some food name in Japanese which allowed me to order the most delicious sushi of my life. We did not even stop once full as they were so good. And it only cost us 25 euros for 2 !!!!

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  1. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Some background information for those of us who have never seen an okonomiyaki even in mangas :

  2. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Dressed stones ? What is this ?

  3. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Is that some sort of sacred tree ?

  4. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Une question de Pauline : pourquoi y-a-t-il autant de biches qui traînent dans les rues ?

  5. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Réponse de JF : ce sont des daims…

  6. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    I guess that this is a picture of the famous Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki :

  7. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Ca donne faim :

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