Voyage de noces – 06 – Kyoto, Nara, Koya-san and Hiroshima

We finally got to our guest house in Kyoto. The housekeeper was very nice, helpful and interesting. Thanks for everything Harumi-san.
We did most of the main activities, 2 days by bicycle and 2 days by bus (because we were tired ;). I will not cite them all as it tooks us 4 busy days and there were so many little spots to check on the way that would deserve attention too. But we really enjoyed.
We then took off to Nara. In a rainy day we walked all the way around the park, saw the greatest wooden structure on earth and the great buddah contained. Climbed to assist to a ceremony. And finally went back down for a good and warm meal.
It took us a while to get to Koya-san especially since we had to switch from one train company to the other. 3 trains, a bus and a cable car (impressive) later we were there, in the rain and the cold. We enjoyed as much as possible our weird, cold and vegeterian food at 18:30 (too early), jumped in a hot bath (one good thing per day seems enough) and went to bed. We did not really sleep because of the cold. Yes, it seems that paper wall are not so efficient at isolating from cold nor light. We were woken up at 5 by the bell for the morning office, which was interesting but long and cold. We decided it was then enough and went on to Hiroshima.
God, how a nice, warm… hotel room is sweet. We even got a nice view, a little indoor balcony, an electric massage seat and the Internet !!!

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  1. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Those westerner weaklings are no match for an ascetic Shinto roots trip ! By the way, are you really getting seriously into this ?

    And are there bells at the end of the big golden ropes ? I want to pull them ropes !

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