Voyage de noces – 05 – Matsumoto to Kyoto

We stayed in a lovely ryokan and went to eat in a Japanese grill, teriyaki place. There we were at the counter and they did not speak English and the carte was almost not even written in roman letters. We still managed to order thanks to a funny (as in drunk) couple sitting next to us. They offered us some sake and some grilled fish. So we offered sake back… You guess how this ended: they were even worst off and Mag was not so walking straight either. It was fun !!!
After a good day sleep, we took off to get breakfast when we realized that we forgot our guide book at the grill. Surprising huh !?! So we were really lucky that someone was there and gave it back. Off to the castle were still stunned by the crowd even if we already knew it was a holiday. More than a hundred meter in 2 different lines. And there is just no way to explain how many people inside at the same time.
We deserved a good meal of soba, the local speciality. The tenant of the ryokan gave us what looked like a typic local address since there was a line for it. It was goooooood. It gave us the energy to get 2 trains for Kyoto. As you can see in the pictures, we stay one night at the station hotel from which 11th floor, we could get a pretty good view of Kyoto by day and by night. Mag is impatient !!!!

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    Il y a des passages piétons en diagonal ?

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