Voyage de noces – 04 – Nikko to Matsumoto

Today we enjoyed hiking through the mountain to see the many temples, trees, ponds, Japanese and tourists… Nikko is really a wonderful place. Mag was delighted and so was I.
Then we needed energy so we went a to a so small restaurant that it took us 10 minutes to find the entrance even though it is on the main street. There was only one meal at the carte, but that was the one we were there for : Unagi, Japanese style grilled eel. I still dream about it a few days later!!!
We really wondered why there was so many people and the hotel tenant told us that it was holiday in Japan. The streets were so crowded that we had to pull our luggage all the way down to the station since there was no way for the bus to reach it before us. Our feet still remember thoses many miles and we got sunburned!!!
Finally we were off for 4 differents trains to reach Matsumoto 5h later.

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  1. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Four trains… Not bad since Google suggests five trains :,-95.677068&sspn=32.831136,67.631836&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=9 ! What sort of crazy rail network is that ?

  2. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Belle mousse fluorescente :

  3. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    J’imagine que c’est de l’eau spéciale : – qu’est-ce que c’est exactement ?

  4. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    C’est une collection de pigeonniers : ?

  5. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    And what are those things ? – lanterns ?

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