Voyage de noces – 03 – From Tokyo to Nikko

Yesterday we went to Ginza, one of the biggest and most famous commercial street of Tokyo. They call it the Japanese Champs-Elysees. Of course we went to the Sony Building to see many technological goodies. Cameras, video cameras, home theaters… and of course the Rolly. Even if it is really useless the temptation to get one was there.
Then we travelled to Mitaka to see from old friends of ours at the Ghibli museum. Of course we took some souvenirs!!! Ju, prepare Be for Ghibli invasion 😉 We really had a great time even if the museum is more for kids. A piece of film allowed us to see one of the 3 exclusive short movies of the museum. The story of a lost little baby dog, very touching.
Finally, after some Teriyaki and onigiri we took the Shinkansen (Mag’s first time) to Nikko. The were could finally enjoy nature… and Onsen (Mag’s first too). We are in a really lovely little hotel and it has it’s own onsen. Mag loves hot baths but for the first time since I know her she found it was too hot !!!!!

PS: Due to a DNS issue last night, I could not connect to any of my sites 🙁 works this morning out of the blue !?!

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  1. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Outage ? What outage ? There is no outage… You certainly swilled too much Nihonshu with Totoro in a Ginza backstreet Karaoke parlor ! An outage on a server I administer… Unpossible !

  2. Jean-Marc Liotier Says:

    Who is this stoned stone turtle ?

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